Warming the heart and firing up the mind

Glayva has been voted the best liqueur in the world. And it deserves the moniker. Its name is Gaelic for 'very good', and the brand's strap line is 'at the end of the day, it's very good.'

Glayva's story started in the docks of Leith in Edinburgh in 1947. Ronald Morrison, a local wine and whisky merchant, wanted to create a liqueur that would warm and comfort his loyal customers, particularly during the cold Scottish winters.

The Staff Room were tasked with bringing Glayva to warm busy commuters. We needed to bring the brand's unique qualities to life and educate these rushed travelers at the same time about Glayva's recipe and individual flavour.
With our stunning Glayva exhibition stand opening at 4 busy train stations across the UK, we brought deep emotional engagement with an in-depth brand experience that warmed the heart and engaged the mind. We gave them everything they needed to enjoy Glayva 'at the end of the day'- goody bags stuffed with Glayva ice cube trays, a Glayva sample and a £5 MONP coupon to drive to store.
Our experience engaged with over 16,000 busy commuters and got them talking about the brand on and offline, and created a social media buzz on Twitter to take part in our competition mechanic.