Castello Pop Up Concept Shop

Cutting a slice of the young foodie market

Castello's range awareness was low with young, trendy foodies so to get their cheese front of mind with young trendy foodies we create the first pop- up concept store in fashionable East London.
Naturally, The Staff Room were to hand to run the whole shebang. Our staff didn't just serve up cheese and accompaniments, they delivered the full experience serving lunches and platters with a licensed bar enticing consumers walking past and inspiring them through workshops and special tasting evenings.

Our pop- up shop stocked over 40 global cheeses catering to everyone's pallet- from cheese spreads to more exclusive Michelin star restaurant lines with our foodies loving the personal touch.
Over 5,000 visitors came through the door over 3 weeks, delivering over 23,000 satisfied bites. Our store team managed everything from stock ordering and rotation through to cashing up, repository and sales figures.