Helping women to get their sparkle on

Appletiser wanted to engage women with a compelling experience, generating a strong emotional response, driving awareness and trial of the new 'handbag' sized bottle and new 1.25lt range whilst daring women in the UK to get their 'SPARKLE ON.'

Sampling was paired with a series of memorable 'SPARKLE ON' experiences designed to incentivise and reward interactions; we gave women mini makeovers, comment boards were photographed and uploaded to Facebook, where shoppers could enter to 'WIN your dream handbag.' To further enhance the sparkle to these interactions we recruited staff with stacks of enthusiasm, bubbly, sparkly personalities with gleaming smiles. This team ensured that every shoppers experience was met with charm and personality.
The staff engagements brought to life the brands core creative idea of 'SPARKLE ON', allowing us to entertain and inspire women; exceeding sampling targets of over 900,000 uploads and over 3,700 uploads on Facebook.